Monday, July 27, 2015

New Furniture! (Or at least make it look that way)

            One of the biggest problems with making your room look inviting is the furniture. You can decorate the room all you want, but if your shelves are old, scratched, and just gross, it ruins all of your efforts. However, there is a clean and easy fix! Below you will see a step by step guide to making your old furniture look new and amazing! 

STEP 1: Gather your materials. You will need:

                         *Colored contact paper or shelf paper                 

                         *Border to match the theme of the shelf

                         *Packing tape (easiest with a dispenser)

STEP 2: Remove everything from the shelf. (Labels, toys, dirt, etc.)

STEP 3: Measure and Cut

                        *Measure contact paper on each shelf for length, and cut to fit. Use the grid on the back as a guide. 

                        *Roll up your cut paper, then place on the shelf. Cut about an inch from the edge. This will allow a smooth cover on the shelf without any overlap of contact paper. 

STEP 4: Place contact paper on each shelf. 

STEP 5: Measure and cut the borders for each shelf. 

STEP 6: Tape the Border to the shelf. 

                       *Start with using a strip of packing tape overlapping the edge about 1/2 inch. This excess tape will help attach the border to the shelf, as well as create a seal so that the border will not lift up or be peeled off. 

                       *Seal the top half of the border by laying another piece of packing tape across the top. Again, make sure it overlaps about 1/2 inch to allow it to be sealed to the shelf.

                       *Depending on the width of your border, you may need to add a third strip of tape in the middle of the border. You want to be sure that all areas of the border are covered in the tape. This will help the border stay attached, as well as protect it for easy wipe down. 

STEP 7: Label your shelves, place the materials back on the shelf, and enjoy! 

****This can also be done on cubbies, or anything else that needs to be covered!

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